Slutever "White Flag" (VIDEO) -


Elevator Mag also had some cool words to say about the new SLUTEVER video and as noted you can grab “White Flag” on a flexi right here!

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On the MNWA portion of the Color Chromatic / Animal Lover / DEERS! / Pansori / MNWA split’s insert: 

"By and large, screamo has always been like the kind of man you wouldn’t want your daughter to associate with."

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what do you do when you wanted to die?

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Skrillex DROP THE BASS button set only $2.50 shipped
heart + soul etsy
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Skrillex DROP THE BASS button set only $2.50 shipped

heart + soul etsy

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It’d be cool if you showed my band some love, our bandcamp is here

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I met with the Devil, I came to God with a plea, let’s put our two hands together and make a man out of me.

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All my friends are hooked on pills. 

All my friends are drunken ills. 

Lay in bed waiting for a call with 

hopes that someone would want to hang out today. 

What were you thinking when you were gunned down? 

What were you thinking you hung yourself above the ground? 

You hear silence while we hear sirens, 

leaking through when we get the call. 

I can’t take much anymore, 

my tears weigh me down on the floor. 

This is a constant reminder of what’s in store. 

Headaches, nightmares. 

Black skies, heart tears. 

I’m shaking, you don’t care. 

I’m aching, you don’t care.

buy the 7” here

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Girl Scouts last show l Photo: Ally Newbold



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Malegoat are an emo band from Hachioji, Tokyo, and one of the forerunners for the emo revival scene in Japan. Consisting of members Yosuke Sato (Vocals,Guitar), Masaru Tanabe (Guitar), Hajime Kishino (bass), and Jun Kawakita (drums). In 2010 they released their debut full length To Face The Music on Stiff Slack records.

If you haven’t heard of Stiff Slack they’re an independent record label mainly responsible for getting emo from the states to Japan and spreading Japanese emo to the states. Much like how Meatcube label and Keep It Together records do the same in America. 

The reason for the focus on eastern/western emo cooperation is based on Malegoat (deemed the “Japanese Algernon”) teaming up with the split addicted Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) (love you guys) last year. The split includes 4 tracks and the two Malegoat songs are genius. Although not as intense and emotionally jarring as Plan Infiltration these two songs are lyrically poetic enough to rival empire! empire!.

At the moment I am not entirely sure if Malegoat are preparing to release anything else but seeing as this was put out in 2013 they are still going strong. This is the standout track Call Down. 

Support the artists and buy the 7” split on CYLS HERE.

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Yearbooks - See You Next Year

Hey young punks,

Yearbooks is dropping their first release in form of a cassette on Conditions Records, called See You Next Year.
Yearbooks consists of various members of the bay area hardcore community, including those from bands Beau Navire, Monuments Collapse, No Limbs, etc.
Relative links below.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden Recording Studio in East Palo Alto. Track listing: 

1. Encounter at Farpoint 
2. The Naked Now 
3. Lonely Among Us 
4. Too Short A Season 
5. When The Bough Breaks 
6. We’ll Always Have Paris


Algernon Cadwallader //  LIVE on WKDU (May 18th, 2008) 

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Orchid performing in a college dorm circa 1998
2 months ago

Orchid performing in a college dorm circa 1998

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The Ché Café needs your help.



On May 13th UCSD campus will be voting on a budget proposal to cut funding which will remove necessary expenses for the Che Cafe space to remain open and operating. Please follow the link and sign the petition to stop this proposal.

Please re blog.

This space is fucking important. Please sign and reblog.

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The Che Cafe Needs Your Help


The Che Cafe has been a staple venue in the DIY community for almost 30 years and is in danger of closing. Read a statement from the owners below and sign the petition to keep it open here!


"We need everyone to sign this petition to continue funding Che Cafe. The University Centers…

Stream Kite Party's Shimmering 'Come On Wandering' LP | SPIN | Premieres



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